10 reasons why CHTSI is a great computer support option for you

10 reasons why CHTSI is a great computer support option for you

10 Reasons is only a few of the great reasons our clients use us

1. Great ServiceDesk Available 24/7

With CHTSI we have our live Service Desk where we will be looking at tickets 24/7. Our office hours are typically 7am – 11pm, however we continually monitor our ServiceDesk and we utilise team members across the Globe to guarantee that your tickets can be looked at in a timely fashion.

2. Night And Weekend Support

If you are a night owl or just operate from a different timezone we have you covered, not only that with the proactive monitoring we provide our customers issues are often resolved before the client notices.

3. Mac And PC Repairs

Before we redesigned our website potential customers would often call to ask if we support Macs, we believe the Mac is becoming an essential tool even in the workplace and our experts are here to help regardless of what Operating System is under the hood.

4. Smartphone Support

We don’t just restrict our service to your computer systems, we can also help you out with your Smartphone. Regardless if it is an iPhone, Android or even Blackberry we can assist you. our most popular service call is for Outlook Support and getting email setup on IOS.

5. Outlook Help

Microsoft Outlook, the pain that most IT Departments have to suffer with. Regardless if you are using legacy Outlook or Office 365 we can assist you and help resolve your issues.

6. Online Backup Solutions

Despite the word “Backup” being thrown around all over the Internet we still get Service Calls requesting Data Recovery. We can help get you setup with a solution to suit your budget and provide you the peace of mind to get you back up and running quickly.

7. Printer Issues

Bought a new printer and having trouble installing the printer driver? We can remote in and help, simply book an appointment and we can help get you setup.

8. Antivirus Services Or Malware Removal

Worried you may be affected by Malware? Slow computer and need a resolution? We can schedule an appointment to resolve your issues.

We provide Managed Endpoint Security which can fully protect your home or office with state of the art security that always scores high in any tests.

9. We Are Specialists, It Is Our Job And We Love Doing It

IT Support isn’t just a job we do to earn a living, we absolutely love doing it. We are still “geeks” at heart and embrace any technology challenges that come our way.

Don’t just hire a technician because they offer the cheapest price, make sure you are greeted with both skill and the love of the work.

10. Prepay Discounts

We offer blocks of hours which can be purchased up front, doing so can mean you have the peace of mind that you won’t suddenly receive an unexpected bill and if / when you need some support we can be with you in a timely manner as you will have already paid up front and it is in our best interest as well as yours to adhere to any agreed SLA.

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