5 Reasons to use Managed Services

5 Reasons to use Managed Services


You may have heard the term Managed Services (MSP), but what is it truly about?

Why should you have your computers looked after instead of simply fix them when they go wrong? We give you 5 reasons to use Managed Services, our clients often sign up for a Managed Services plan for peace of mind and to ensure business continuity.

1. Access to experts whenever required

By joining a Managed Services plan you are also gaining access to a wealth of technical knowledge and that support is yours as part of an agreement with the company. You gain the experience of skilled technicians and documentation to back it up and help you carry on doing whatever it is you need to.


2. Control Costs

Hiring an in-house IT team can be expensive, usually, the company has to hire an IT director and the staff to man the Support Desk and the expense can truly spiral. You have salaries, holiday and sickness to cater for but with a Managed Services plan that is generally taken care of either by automation or with skilled staff.

Managed Services aren’t just for businesses either, imagine losing all those important family photos? Years of baby pictures and important documentation, with all the talk of Ransomware it is crucial to get some form of protection.


3. Cyber-Attacks

As mentioned in the Cost section protecting from Ransomware is crucial to keeping a business going with all the attempts to extract money from businesses for their data back.

So what is Ransomware? Ransomware is a piece of malicious software that is spread to a machine and then encrypts the data. Unfortunately, then the culprit attempts to demand money from the victim in exchange for the encryption key to regain access to their data.


4. Maintenance

Taking a Managed Services contract does not just give you IT support when you call but you gain access to Managed Anti-Virus Protection. The most important aspect for any business is their data and keeping it protected.

The maintenance of machines is also very important, with daily/weekly or monthly agreements you can continue working and fixes are done without you even knowing.


5. Proactive Management

It is not just about fixing issues that arise, it is also about finding and tackling problems before you even know. Providing the Managed Service provider has the correct notifications in place then there should be notifications for just about any reason that is requested, patches and software should always be looked after to make sure nothing malicious creeps in.

What is really important to you, waiting for a few hours before you can get any work done or to be able to carry on working?

Meet those deadlines and never worry about the little things, with our Managed Services you get back you pay for.

What now?

If you think a Managed Services Plan could be for you then feel free to reach out, we can tailor our plans to meet your requirements. There are more than 5 reasons to use Managed Services, but we felt best to give you the top reasons. If you feel that you would prefer a set plan with services then we can lay out the options to make the decision easier for you.


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