7 benefits of using a VOIP Phone System

7 benefits of using a VOIP Phone System

7 Benefits Of Using A VOIP Phone System Designed For The Way We Do Business In 2020

Do you remember how business used to work 20 years ago?

Everyone worked from the office, probably using a huge grey or beige computer with a monitor the size of a breeze block. You just about had space on your desk for your phone and a coffee – your notepad had to balance at a funny angle. All of your files were either physical or saved on your computer. If someone else needed an updated version you had to email it to them.


Most meetings were in person, but if someone was too far away they could dial in for a clunky, expensive conference call. It seems prehistoric now, doesn’t it? Literally, last century!


Business moves on quickly. And technology moves even faster. Everything that changes with technology helps to improve our businesses and make our lives easier (though it doesn’t always seem that way, to begin with). It’s 2020 and we’ve replaced many meetings with video conferencing. It saves so much time travelling; it reduces our carbon footprint, and it’s far less disruptive to our day.


The cloud gives us immense flexibility in the way we work. And gives us instant access to documents, wherever we are. Imagine trying to work remotely on a regular basis in the year 2000. It would have been next to impossible. But today, we can be far more flexible in any business, with people working different hours, from multiple different locations. It’s easy. 

Coffee shops aren’t the only ones benefitting. When you can be more flexible with your staff, you attract a better quality of candidate, bringing better skills and expertise to your company. 


So let’s roll with the changes and review the 7 benefits of using a VOIP phone system.


The 7 Benefits of using a VOIP phone system?

You can read more about the benefits in our new Guide we named 7 Benefits Of A Phone System Designed For Business In 2020. The Guide is available in both A4 and A5 versions.

Our Guide features topics such as:

  1. Know exactly how your phones are being used
  2. Improve your performance reviews
  3. Recognise a great job
  4. Look professional
  5. Increase productivity
  6. Save money
  7. Grow freely

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