Adobe Blank Screen

Adobe Blank Screen

Adobe Blank Screen While Saving

If you have been attempting to save a document and Adobe displaying a blank screen while saving, it is becoming a common problem. We aren’t just seeing this issue working with PDF documents but it is also happening with InCopy and other Adobe applications part of the Adobe CC family.

While saving a document is a standard feature, Adobe has added options to choose alternative locations to save and unfortunately in our experience this frequently fails and causes the issue.

There are two options that have issues:

  • Show online storage when opening files
  • Show online storage when saving files
Untick the two options as below:

Adobe is displaying a blank screen while saving

Following this you will now be able to save documents correctly, however if you need to use Online Storage options then we suggest you make sure the storage option chosen shows on File Manager. We have seen other articles online which advise the issue has now been fixed, unfortunately we are aware from customers this is still happening and we will attempt to reach out to Adobe for an answer about when it may be fixed.

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