Apple Announce iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple Announce iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple’s September 12th event came to a close and we were blessed with multiple announcements

Apple finally announced their newest iPhones, including their biggest yet the iPhone Max with a 6.5″ display. The look is very similar to last year’s iPhone X, the major difference this year is they bring a Gold iPhone back to the table. Both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max is available in gold.

Apple has also announced a lower cost iPhone named the iPhone XR, sporting an LCD display at 6.1″.

Apple Announce iPhone XR

Apple Delivers A Major Spec Bump

S phones in the past have delivered with a spec bump and this years model doesn’t fail to deliver. Apple mentioned in the event they have vastly improved the speaker system and this year we expect the inbuilt speakers to increase in popularity. Apple advised the water resistance has been raised to IP68?a welcome addition for those more adventurous with their devices.

Apple delivers an A12 Bionic chip, a 6 core chip and one of the first to boast a 7nm process.

Apple Delivers 6.5″ A Huge Display Rivaling The Galaxy Note

Apple for many years clung to the idea of keeping a 3.5″ screen and now as we know they embraced bigger screens with the 4.7″ and 5.5″ variants and now Apple announces a whopping 6.5″ phone topping the Galaxy Notes 6.4″.

With Apple’s skills in designing a GPU that I have yet to see beaten on Android, a 6.5″ iPhone will definitely?be a welcome addition. Being almost bezel-less the new iPhones won’t be as big as they appear either, using the edge-to-edge display technology the iPhone XS is no bigger than the regular iPhone 8.

Camera Is Still 12 Megapixel

The specs on the new iPhone cameras still are 12 megapixels, although this was expected a big upgrade would have been welcome. Apple does state that it is an all-new camera system. Apple has increased the size of the lens which will result in bigger pixels and the telephoto lens has a wider aperture. We expect both cameras to provide better in low-light and more detail.

Apple Announce iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple is all about AI this time around, with a new feature they dub “Smart HDR”. Apple expects this to be a popular mode as it will stitch together the best images to make the best “captured image”.

Dual Sim – Carry A Business And Personal Line

Many times prior to iPhones being available we heard rumours of iPhones having dual sims. There are many devices available for sale that can simulate a dual Sim. Apple now adds the functionality with the use of one physical Sim and an E-sim, allowing you to carry multiple lines if you have a desire to do so.

Remember if you need multiple lines we do offer VOIP – Read the 7 Benefits Of Using A Phone System Designed For The Way We Do Business In 2020

Battery Life Improvements

Apple states that both phones will enable better battery life, with the iPhone XS offering 30 minutes more battery life and the iPhone XS Max boasting an extra 1 hour 30 minutes.

Apple Announce iPhone XS and XS Max

Real world usage will increase and we expect standby times to be even better

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Other Improvements

Up to Gigabit LTE speeds are supported as well as improvements to FaceID, making it even faster to unlock. Both new iPhones are to be available in 64GB, 256GB and Apple now have introduced 512GB a massive half a terabyte in your pocket (Although the Note 9 beat Apple to it).


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