Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4

As Apple Announces Apple Watch Series 4 with a bigger display and all new design

Apple Watch Series 4 has been announced and includes an ECG feature usually reserved for a doctor. With a near edge to edge display, the all-new design is a welcome overhaul to the original Apple design that was long overdue a change.

With a dual-core 64-bit S4 processor and Apple boasts 18-hour battery life we welcome the new addition. Apple also boasts a 2x performance boost over the Series 3.

Apple Now Detects Falls And Irregular Heart Rhythms

Apple has become an important health tool and has saved many lives due to the heart detection features and now as well as the ECG ability the Series 4 can be used to detect a fall.

If you are lying immobile for a longer period the Apple Watch Series 4 will automatically dial the emergency services. Apple has also added the ability to detect heart irregularities and alerts you to consult a doctor if anything is found to be irregular.

FDA Approval

Although only for the US at this stage the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Series 4 to be used as a medical device.

With?electrocardiogram (EKG) now possible and?atrial fibrillation detection, the Apple Watch is becoming an essential health tool. I just hope this goes global and not the US only.


In light of the new Series 4 release, Apple has redesigned the UI to take advantage of the edge to edge display. Now having haptic feedback and advanced LTE reception as well as an advanced speaker system to let Siri and callers hear you better.

We wish Apple had improved the battery life as it still boasts the 18 hours. We need an improved tech, how about a month-long battery. What is causing battery tech to be so slow? Well, that is another discussion.


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