Become a Partner

CHTSI is proud to bring you our partner program and you can earn commission on each successful sale you refer or new customer signup.

Apply today and start earning!

Why are we doing this?

Here we believe that our maintenance and security products should be offered to everyone.

It would be impossible to do the right marketing to make that known.

By joining our partner program you can be apart of our team making sure we stamp out Ransomware and help to increase the awareness.

Can I earn commission by asking others to become a partner?

We were asked that question so we made it available.

Through our partner system, we have enabled a popular term “Network Marketing” and allowed you to earn commission 3 levels deep.

Do you know 2 friends who would like to gain a commission as well?

Just use your Partner Login and create a personalised link to get started.

The commission is paid once your balance gets to £50

What Can we earn?

Take a look at the attached document download for the current structure


Is there anything I need to do when becoming a Partner?

All new Affiliates / Partners will need to confirm their email

if you do not complete this process, your partner account will be removed within 24 – 48 hours

We do this to prevent bots from registering and attempting to generate a fake commission

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