Can we trust OneDrive?

Can we trust OneDrive?

OneDrive, first released as SkyDrive and later renamed is a competitor to the likes of Dropbox. As part of Office 365 we are given 1TB of space, but can we Trust OneDrive?


Microsoft had a lawsuit with BSkyB and lost the right to use the name SkyDrive. Microsoft following the rebrand attempted to bring their storage to the masses by offering unlimited storage. Due to abuse Microsoft withdrew the option and now offer 1TB with an Office 365 subscription.

Can we trust OneDrive?

Why the headline you may ask? Personal stories are always the base to share experiences. Recently we encountered a bug we weren’t aware of. OneDrive is suffering from a bug resulting in files being deleted. Any unintentional deletions can be catastrophic to any company without our knowledge, Can we trust OneDrive isn’t a question we can afford to ask in a business environment.


Is Microsoft Aware Of The Bug?

Although not directly referenced they do point you to an article to find lost or missing files in OneDrive and our experience was identical, all the files were in the Recycle Bin. We reached out to Microsoft and their solution was to restore the files using the classic version of OneDrive.

Prior to thinking it was a bug, we had considered it a breach. Why would hacker delete files from the OneDrive account but do nothing else? Company data, bank accounts and personal contacts all available but they just delete some OneDrive files? It was clear to us it has to be a bug.

Which OneDrive Versions Are Affected?

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to answer this. An investigation is required and until more data can be provided than only Microsoft can provide the answer if you are affected by this and want to contribute please reach out to us.


Our Windows-based machines use Windows 10 version 1803. When looking into the issue we came across a thread over at Windows Central along with a thread on Microsoft Answers along with a post on Ten Forums so you see there is a clear issue that Microsoft will need to address properly.


“If you try and open a file and close the file before it’s able to fully open because it’s hanging or you’re tired of waiting, this stupid OneDrive system will throw your file in the recycling bin – every time. Who thought that would be a good idea. Yeah, I’ve caught it doing it to me on multiple computers across all platforms on .doc .pdf files. It just did it again, just now”.


We will be reaching out to Microsoft for a definitive answer.


We Still Love OneDrive

Please don’t consider this a negative opinion on OneDrive we love it. The ability to have up to 1TB on any device and with automatic saving of documents. Along with version control and all files are covered by a 30-day recovery feature. OneDrive is not just about personal storage you can also mount and access Sharepoint files. Store files with your team? Using Sharepoint will mean you can seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and access the files as if the files were local.


Office 365

OneDrive is built into Office 365 with personalised 1TB storage. Sharepoint files can be synced, so you don’t need to worry about local storage. The only exception is if you require video files.


Videos are available on OneDrive but unless the file is also downloaded locally there will be a bandwidth limitation. If that happens you can end up buffering which is not ideal if you are using a slower connection.


Can We Trust OneDrive?


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