Cyber Security – Essential Security Solutions

Cyber Security – Essential Security Solutions

We Provide Cyber Security Options Throughout The Leeds, Harrogate & Yorkshire Area. Looking after businesses and home users to make sure their security needs are met.

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Our Cyber Security Options Include

  • IT Security Audit
  • Fully Managed IT Security Services
  • IT Policies to ensure offsite security
  • Ensure accounts are secure with 2FA and regular checks
  • Darkweb check
  • Password policies and assisting with enforcement for employees
  • Training – We assist with training staff on the right steps to take with security
  • Mac, PC and Linux Support

Why Use Our Services?

  • Fast, reliable and honest – Our clients know that when they need support or just a quick fix they can rely on us to help. We have the capability to help on-site or in person, we can help.
  • Belief in Cyber Security – Our team understands that security is not just about having the right password, we make sure we check for security holes and work with experts to test for holes.
  • Trained experts – Our IT technicians have been in business for many years and what we don’t know isn’t worth knowing. But don’t assume we have an ego if there is something we don’t know we will do the necessary research to find out. Any training required to complete a task could even net you a good discount.
  • Personal service – There is nothing worse than being treated as a number, IT companies that may add you to their database but yet aren’t keeping you in the loop is something we have experienced in the past and consistently see. We provide detailed reports and constant ticket updates to keep you informed and help manage your business.


Need help or want to know more?

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Alternatively, book an appointment via our scheduler or call 01423 423068. You can also try to reach us via our Facebook Messenger Live Chat.


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