Encryption – Secure Your Devices

Encryption – Secure Your Devices

Do you need to protect your data and meet the new data regulations?

If you are holding any sensitive information, UK law says it needs to be adequately protected from unauthorised access such as with encryption.

Sensitive includes name, passwords,

personally identifying data and email addresses.

Harrogate Encryption Services is available as we know Encryption is essential for USB drives,

portable laptops and smartphones because if they are lost or stolen and are not encrypted,

the company data and information is open for all to see.

So you meet data regulations and compliance requirements, our encryption service provides the following benefits

Ability to choose which folders and files you encrypt or the entire disk.

Full disk encryption by encrypting the hard drive at boot upstage,

so if a device is stolen the data cannot be taken off the computer.

This is particularly helpful for a travelling workforce.

Meets requirements of accreditation such as ISO27001.

Meets compliance requirements for sectors such as financial services and healthcare.

Policies can be applied to desktops, laptops and portable hard drives.

Encryption can also be extended to USB sticks and Windows Tablets.

How can we get Protected?

Our encryption package can be added as an additional extra as part of our Bitdefender bundle.

Alternatively, we can now offer the service included in our

CHTSI Serve Max or CHTSI Serve Ultimate bundles.

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