In-Home Support

In-Home Support

In the Home Support computer repair & equipment setup.

Have you recently got a new computer you need help setting up? Or struggling with a slow computer that is driving you crazy? We can be with you in no time to get everything ready and working in no time.

If you have computer hardware issues, printer connection trouble or need help getting programs up and running. We can get you there! With fast and friendly service our team provides in-home support in Harrogate and surrounding areas for all your technology requirements.

Training available for a new computers, software or even for your new Smart TV. Why get frustrated by instructions? Let us do that for you and provide training that you will remember.

No more headaches, we cover a wide radius and will save you time and money

Convenient & Friendly In-Home Computer Repair

  • Friendly, Fast & Trusted Support
    CHTSI was built by an experienced IT technician with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. Our clients trust us to provide fast and friendly support covering Leeds, Harrogate, York and surrounding areas.
  • Pick Up And Drop-Off
    Option is available if you don’t have the time to bring your computer or the transport. Our goal is to make your experience with us as smooth as we can. Free pick up and drop off available locally, if a little further out all we ask is for some milage to be covered for further distances.
  • New Equipment Setup
    Just bought a new shiny TV? I know opening up the box and getting all the wires can be a bit daunting but we can help get things setup and help you get all your devices connected. We can connect the audio and video calls and any extras such as game consoles and Blu-ray players. Our goal is to help you get setup so you can sit back and enjoy.
  • Affordable
    Tech support should be accessible and that’s where we believe you should have a trusted engineer there to help when you need it. We are affordable and we provide Ad-hoc or a block of hours are available to make sure you always have accessible techs.
  • The Choice Is Yours
    Our belief is to give you as the customer the right options for you to choose from. Computer repair is available in-house or remote and payments can be made for the job you call us for or maybe you would prefer to have us there when needed? We have you covered for this with either a block of hours that you can buy up front to know we can be there when you need us or you can sign up for our support plans. Just know whatever you decide we have your best interests at heart.

Prefer Remote? Download Our Remote Support Tool Now & Our Technicians Will Be Alerted

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