Office 365 Consultant

Office 365 Consultant

Office 365 Consultant

With an Office 365 consultant, we specialise in assisting clients across the world.

Our Consultants bring our expertise to give you fast service.

We offer remote support so if you have multiple devices we can help faster.


What Services do our clients call us for?


Office 365 can often cause confusion, often just being there to offer answers to their questions can help.

They are looking for an experienced company to perform their migration so it goes seamlessly.

We provide you with the right forms so we know the required information.


We receive many calls from companies who have already completed a migration

but it didn’t go as well as expected.

Usually, they would try Microsoft for help.

but the support that is provided usually is at a greater expense and certainly not personalised.

We provide training and documentation that will help you or your staff feel relaxed about using Office 365.


Are you new to Office 365?


If you’re looking for a company to migrate your email,

contacts and Calendar to Microsoft Office 365?

This is Our Most popular service.

We provide migration services to small businesses and residential clients.

Once migration is complete we then provide aftercare training and support.

Our clients can register an account and they will be set up with a private.

A training session that they can complete at their own pace.

Our product and migration prices are straightforward and we take pride in the aftercare that is provided.


Do you require Office 365 Aftercare?


Maybe you already are using Office 365 and you need to ask some questions – We can provide the answers to help solve your problems.

If your IT company is struggling to resolve the issues since you migrated, we can help.


Are your contacts and Calendar messed up – We see this all the time, duplicated entries and staff sharing Calendars have become a mess?

We can help including setting this up on iPhone and Android.


Smartphones, Tablets not setup correctly – Chances are if you are not receiving email or struggling to send it may just be configured incorrectly.

I will guide you through setting it up correctly and syncing email/calendar and your contacts.

We have the ability now to view your mobile or tablet if you’re running Android or IOS,

we will make your experience seamless.


OneDrive and SharePoint errors – Configuration can be a pain,

we can help configure and provide the training to make it easier for you to sync across your teams

and help you set up Sharepoint to provide your Intranet services.


Why hire our team?


If you are looking for experience, you are looking in the right place.

With over twenty years in the IT industry and we have been working

with Microsoft Outlook since the very beginning (we had to support Lotus Notes).


By partnering with major players we have been providing migration services for nearly ten years.

Our documentation is widely requested and while no Migration is without any difficulty

(typical issues are restricted by Internet speeds).

We pride ourselves on completing over a hundred successes

and continue to work on projects on a monthly basis.

Where issues do occur we document and update our training

to make sure the same issues do not occur again.

We provide syncing for third-party apps such as iCloud,

Gmail Calendar and other programs,

we have a promise too that if you use a program

we are not familiar with then we will learn it and offer a discount for the support.


Ever felt out of the loop on what’s going on? 

If you are used to companies not keeping you up to date with

what is going on then I can see using a new company to be a little daunting.

We will always keep you in the loop and offer constant updates through our ticketing system

and if we are for some reason unavailable our support partners

offer 24/7 support to make sure you are never without an answer.

We produce high-quality videos with tips on how to do certain things within Office 365,

take a look at two examples below:

Why use a Focused Inbox?

YouTube video

Using Ink Replay Office 365

YouTube video

Feeling Ready For The Next Step?

Once you reach out we will need to set up a consultation session to discuss your migration requirements,

the purchase of Office 365 and find out what your current and future plans are.

Please fill out the form below and we will send you a request to schedule an appointment.

We provide the option to purchase Office 365 directly on our site,

however, if you require migration services of existing email then filling out the form

would be a much better option.

Need help or want to know more?

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together,

complete our online form below.

Alternatively, book an appointment via our scheduler or call 01423 423068.

You can also try to reach us via our Facebook Messenger Live Chat.


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