Remote Support

Remote Support

Harrogate Based Remote Support

CHTSI utilises remote support so we can provide our maintenance services

and make house calls without turning up at your door.

We use secure encrypted connections that let us login and perform many fixes remotely,

the best thing is it will be minimal disruption to you and let you go about your day.

Technology is our passion and we aim to provide you with fast service

while showing respect for the equipment that it deserves.

We use our remote support service for SMEs, home workers and

often the older generation need a gentle helping hand to get things done.

CHTSI Are Trusted, Remote Support Partners


There has been added stigma about remote support providers due to scamming that goes along people pretending to be Microsoft,

showing Viruses that are nothing more than System entries that are normal.

Our Remote Support is provided based on an upfront booking / Payment.

We are trusted by those that rely on our support as we are a legitimate business and

we are a limited company, so you can trust that we have your best interests at heart.

KISS Approach

Once we establish the problem we take the time to explain our actions,

we avoid unnecessary jargon.

You will know exactly what we did and provide the necessary advice on

avoiding the issue in the future.
We take the KISS approach which means “Keep it simple stupid”.

Cut Out The Frustration

There are not many things that match the level of frustration a slow computer can cause,

is your computer sick?

Traditionally you would have to pack up your car and go to your nearest IT Support Centre

and hope they can fit you in.

Our remote support offering is designed to let us diagnose

and often resolve issues before you finish the brew you made while you were waiting.


Quick Support

Suffering from Malware?

Think you have a Virus?

Now if you fit these categories and more then I am sure you won’t want to wait

days for you to either drop your computer off then the wait again for it to be returned.

We are able to help to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Do you need a computer house call?

Remote support can be the key to get you back up and running in a jiffy.

Our experts are here to help.

Steps To Get Remote Support


Schedule an appointment,

complete the booking form below or head over to

choose to schedule an appointment from the list of dates/times available and let us know a telephone number in the chat window.

If you pick a time and for any reason,

we are unable to agree then we will contact you via email to attempt to reschedule.

Download our Remote Support tool from

regardless if you are using a Mac or a Windows-based PC the download tool will download.


Once downloaded Open the application and providing your Internet connection is working and it is at the scheduled date/time our engineer will connect to you.

Please note Remote Support requires the use of an Internet connection

If your fault is preventing the internet from working,

we can still help but would require an engineer visit call 01423 423068.


Need help or want to know more?


If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together,

complete our online form below or access our Online Support Portal.

Alternatively, book an appointment via our scheduler or call 01423 423068.

You can also try to reach us via our Facebook Messenger Live Chat.


Schedule An Appointment

We would love to hear from you regarding any Outlook or Office 365 Support,

IT Support, Cyber Security, WordPress Website Design or

Complete Computer Support request you may have.

Get the best out of Harrogate & Yorkshire IT Support.

Please note if you are a client and need to request IT Technical Support, contact us via the following:

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Tel: 01423 423068


Online Support Portal:

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In order to provide Remote Support,

please book under the Services section and select Remote Support.


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