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IT Support Harrogate

Carl Hamilton

Managing Director
  • 20+ Years IT Experience

  • Cyber Security Specialists

  • Experts in Outlook & Migrations

  • Microsoft 365

  • Outsourced IT

  • Social Media Management

  • Website & SEO Management

Our email wasn’t performing very well so we asked Hamilton Technology to take a look & Carl proposed to migrate us to MS Exchange.

Carl was very helpful throughout & the migration went very well.

He was on hand to sort out any teething issues, taking calls early morning & into the night, to ensure we were up & running smoothly.

Would recommend for knowledge, attention to detail & great customer service..”

Ian Porter

FotoFabric Director


How do I get started?2021-12-02T22:11:26+00:00

Ready to get going? Great!

You can either book an appointment with our team, call us on 03330 509625 or click the Remote Session button at the top of the page.

We can remotely assist with your query and assist in installing our tools if you wish to be supported in the future.


Do I need a Managed Services Provider?2021-12-02T22:12:06+00:00

On our About page we answered a question asking why to Choose a Managed Service Provider.

There are several reasons. However, the two main reasons that come to mind are:

Business Continuity – Imagine a scenario where your server goes down and all your staff rely on connecting to this server to get any work completed, what now?

How long can your business survive without staff working?

Cost Savings – Everybody has technical issues. Whether they are resolved by an in-house team, outsourced to an IT Support Company or fixed by a friend, relative of the owner.

We can save money by setting a set cost for your ongoing support, 9-5 remote support included and the ability to raise tickets at all.

This saves money but also prevents accidents that can be catastrophic to your business.

What are the requirements?2021-12-02T22:12:48+00:00

We do not have any specific requirements, however, Windows 7 and older are no longer supported.

Any machines still in use would need to be upgraded (where possible) or replaced, which we can help procure hardware and provide the installation.

Is my content secure?2021-12-02T22:13:24+00:00

Any content hosted or stored by Hamilton Technology Solutions is done so in a safe and secure manner.

Our drives are encrypted which keys would take a supercomputer over 10,000 years to crack. I won’t be around to find out if that holds up, will you?

Also, as per GDPR we scrub any unrequited data and comply with all local laws that we operate within.

What is the Cloud?2021-12-02T22:14:01+00:00

Surprisingly we once were asked, “How do you transfer my data to a Cloud”.

Now I was always brought up that there are no stupid questions, but do you think this one took the biscuit?

In all seriousness, the Cloud is simply data that is stored on someone else’s computer via way of the Internet.

This can be from Azure (Microsoft) AWS (Amazon) Cygnatech Cloud (Ours) or Google Cloud Services.

Wherever you choose to store your data you need it to be safe and compliant to local laws.


My Emails are a mess, can you help?2021-12-02T22:14:45+00:00

Yes, absolutely and that is our specialty. We can review your current system and look to Migrate to a secure solution powered by Microsoft a leading technology provider.

Microsoft 365 has been the leading provider for many years.




IT Support is too expensive?2021-09-20T21:11:49+01:00

Although we have heard this in the past, ultimately you have to think more about what you are looking to get and what you value in your business.

Can you afford to be down for multiple days, or longer? By partnering with an IT company that builds you a solution that includes Disaster Recovery, we look out for you.

The goal here is to be a true IT partner, a long-term part of your business, learn your needs and grow with you.


Why do we need IT Support?2021-12-02T22:15:23+00:00

A lot of businesses are first set up small, doing everything yourself but eventually, after a bit of growth, this just becomes an impossible task.

Add that to the growing complexity of technology, do you want to spend the time training on how to use all the systems and software or do you want to focus on your business?



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