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How do I install Cygnatech?

If you have paid for a subscription with us you will receive an email with a download link.

Once downloaded please install with admin rights,

if you need help call us on 01423 423068.

Do I need to install anything extra?

No, if you install Cygnatech then the application will deploy services to your machines such as our Anti-Virus, Remote Support tool and any backup options.

Can I uninstall Cygnatech?

Although we do not recommend it,

if you are still paying for your monthly subscription and need to uninstall for any reason you can do so from the Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel on Windows.

Please note there are exceptions to this, some clients have requested the ability is removed if this is the cause raise a Helpdesk Ticket.

How do I install the Malware & Virus software?

Cygnatech software includes the application with your subscription.

Once Cygnatech is installed it will be deploying the tools to protect your computer.

You must uninstall any other Anti-virus / Malware software that you have installed.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with this please call 01423 423068.

How do I install Remote Software?

As part of the deployment, you will be prompted to set a password by TeamViewer,

please choose a password that is different from anything you have used in the past.

Passwords will be synced on the platform but it is secure.

Do you send out a report automatically?

We can provide you with a monthly report for actions carried out on your machines.

Reporting is optional as not all our customers like receiving the report.

During the onboarding process,

you will have received an email asking if you wish to have a report.

If for any reason this email never arrived please email

How does the pickup and drop off work?

If your plan includes pickup and drop-off then this means that collection,

repair and delivery will be free as part of your plan.

The only exceptions are that parts are not included and travel in excess of 25 miles are subject to a mileage charge,

this will be invoiced separately.

How does the monthly / Annual charging work?

Our services are normally charged on a monthly basis,

if you would prefer an annual payment,

then please contact us at also if you wish to change your subscription plan then please do contact us first.

Do you offer different pricing models?

Our prices are not set in stone if you prefer per device pricing then reach out to us,

we would be happy to provide a customised quote tailored for your business.

If you are upgrading from Cygnatech to any other plans

a discount would be available

Need help or want to know more?

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together,

complete our online form below.

Alternatively, book an appointment via our scheduler or call 01423 423068.

You can also try to reach us via our WhatsApp Live Chat.

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Our Core Values

Our passion has always been in technology and as our slogan reads “Investing In Technology & The Future” We value where technology can make businesses more successful.

We provide innovative and secure service to our clients.

We provide excellent customer services and our staff will help move your business forward.

We have worked with businesses across the UK and Internationally.

We have built up a skill-set to put us above the competition.

Our goal is to provide a news and knowledge source that would make you feel at home.

By also using our site as your homepage.

Our promise is to continually add content that serves your needs and not just ours.

We are both a content and services company.

With Managed IT services and Products to improve your productivity.

24/7 Monitoring with Managed Anti-Virus is our recommended product.

Both businesses and single machines in the home are supported.

Our Websites and software is based in UK servers, GDPR became very important a few years ago and we take our customers data very seriously.

This depends on the age of your devices, we will perform a site survey to establish the age of your systems.

Windows 7 became end of life in January last year, if your systems are still running on old software it is time to either upgrade the software or your hardware.


We understand how important it is to maintain your business,

with our Business IT Support our focus is on you.


There are no stupid questions, if you have any questions about your IT or service issues then get in touch

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Whether it is a quick question or fun on project, we have your back.

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Hamilton Technology Solutions was started to fill a need that we felt was missing, from Backups to WordPress websites we are here.

Taking Care of Business

Our Services are designed to make your business easier, let’s have a Zoom chat to find out more.

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Cyber Security has become the most important aspect of our technology stack. We keep you secure and your data safe.

Power of the cloud

Our Security Software is ran from the Cloud, we keep you safe and secure from our Management Software.

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Based in Harrogate providing IT Support

in Harrogate and throughout Yorkshire.

our goal is to be primary Technology contact for your business.

From basic IT Support to Virtual CIO (vCIO), we will be there for you.

We protect your Computer infrastructure while minimising any downtime.

We understand that it is essential to prevent damage to your business.

If you do have IT issues that will need quick attention then contacting us will mean we can provide fast and complete Business IT Support at a competitive rate.

The impact on your business by having slow and unreliable computers can quickly add up over time.

We can make an assessment of your equipment,

liaise with you and your staff to assess the way you and your business works and then make the best recommendations.

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