Desktop icons missing in Windows 10

Desktop icons missing in Windows 10

If you find your Desktop icons missing in Windows 10, it may be possible that they are not deleted after all. We all love the idea of a clean Desktop, however, there are many people who rely on the icons from the Desktop. 


We see customers with icons for applications to important documents being stored that are NOT being backed up.

Although we will provide guidance on restoring them we recommend backing them up or moving them to the Documents Folder or an alternative Storage Device.


Desktop icons missing, where are they?

If you do find that your Desktop Icons are missing then right-click on the desktop area and select View:
Desktop View Icons

From the View menu select Show desktop icons and make sure the tick box is selected:
Show desktop icons Windows 10

Your Desktop Icons should now have been returned, however, if your icons were deleted then you may need to recreate them or speak with your IT Specialist to recover any lost data. 



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