Do I need a backup?

Do I need a backup?

Have you ever thought do I need a backup?Do I need a backup?

Do I need a backup? That is a question we are often asked. Our answer is always the same, of course. Yes, you need a backup.


Backing up company information is critical to a businesses continuity should a disaster occur. Statistics show that if data is not backed up and a loss occurs 93% of businesses can go out of business within two years. Regardless if you are backing up a standalone computer or your entire server a backup is important.


Here are a few reasons to answer do I need a backup:

Data Loss Prevention

This goes without saying if there is no backup and a disaster occurs regardless of the circumstances it can devastating. If there is a fire, cyber attack, phishing attempt or Ransomware. A backup would allow you to roll back with minimal interruption.


Easy Recovery

If you have a backup it can be as simple as clicking on a restore button. Often mistakes occur corrupting files or just making a mistake and need to be restored. Accidental deletions or users moving the file in error. Setting up a simple recovery process can ease up headaches and allow quick recovery.


Competitive Gain

If you have a backup in place and your competitor down the road doesn’t have anything set up and disaster happens to you both it could be quite a costly recovery without a backup. If you have the ability to quickly restore it can mean you don’t have to turn away customers where your competitor may have to.


Client Trust

Having a backup means that should your clients question information or have something missing you can be trusted to act fast and produce the information. Without any backups it could mean that you could be left without an answer to your question, not only could this lose trust with your customers it could also result in legal and financial troubles.


Hardware Failure

Often overlooked by people but we have to consider the hardware we can take for granted will not last forever. Should the hard drive failure or another component the data can become corrupted or lost, having a backup in place can mean getting back up and running as quickly as possible.


Other Resources

We have discussed the importance of backups before in our article about Disaster Recovery, keeping yourself prepared is much better than the consequences of taking the risk.


More can be found Information from the article on backups.

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