Email Password is compromised - Use our safe tool

Email Password is compromised - Use our safe tool

If you think your Email password is compromised, I am sure you have heard of the rise in the leaks and breaching of company data? Full customer information is leaking out onto the internet including your personal data and usernames and passwords. The problem with this it regularly is the norm for users to have the same password for multiple sites.

Has My Email Password Been Compromised

Once a hacker has your username and password from one website they will instantly try those credentials on other known websites. It is possible to get hold of a full list of passwords and they use automated tools to test for a match.


Cyber Security is very important to us and our goal is here to educate and let people know they should take extra security steps. We have released a tool so you can see what information sites have on you, some will have more data than others. Like the have I been pwned website we check as many databases as possible but it is not always fully up to date.


You may receive emails about Cyber Security in the future as a result of searching the database, however, you can opt-out at any time from the link in the email or by emailing

Check if your Email password is compromised – Use our tool now


Input an email address below to check if its been compromised.



Found a breach what now?

If you have appeared on the list then I recommend you follow the steps below:

  1. Write down all the companies you that have your email address listed above.
  2. If your goal is to remove the entry then follow their process to remove your account or contact the company to request removal.
  3. Change any passwords and make sure each account uses a UNIQUE password.
  4. Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to all your accounts.
  5. Create a separate email address when joining sites that do not need to be your primary email address.
  6. Be careful in the future.

My data has been breached now what?

This depends entirely on the website or database that has been breached, it is possible that nothing of any importance was affected. I will say though that if your passwords are part of this breach then that should be taken seriously and the best action would be to never use that password again.


By following the steps above you can mitigate the damage and the power will then remain with you, if you do need some advice about your data then feel free to reach out to us. 


If your email password is compromised, it’s possible cybercriminals have used it to attempt to access your systems.


We published a FREE guide called The Email Hack, download today!


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