How can we help

How can we help you?

Our business is designed to offer IT support services and educational training. We understand that you just want to keep working and do not want to have to worry about how to do things.


Here are just a few other reasons why our customers use our services:

  • Complete confidence that you will only have to pay for the services required. – Essentially we provide a regular report of the work carried out.
  • Tailor-made courses for you or your business. – You can request specific courses be put together and we can even brand this with your logo (we include our logo too).
  • With our 24/7 monitoring service, we can proactively detect problems and have them fixed before you notice them. Picture an issue found in the evening, we can have the machine fixed before you get to work the next day.
  • We offer Malware/Virus Protection and Ransomware prevention.
  • Email Migration and Aftercare Services – We have had many calls where services such as GoDaddy have offered Exchange migration but completely messed it up.

Why Choose Us?

We have worked with businesses across the UK and Internationally. We have built up a skill-set to put us above the competition. Our goal is to provide a news and knowledge source that would make you feel at home using our site as your homepage.


Our promise is to continually add content that serves your needs and not just ours. We are both a content and services company. With IT services and products to improve your productivity. 24/7 Monitoring with Managed Anti-Virus is our recommended product, both businesses and single machines in the home are supported.

Are We Over-promising?

We are committed to making your experience great. Education should not be costly and we believe technology skills should be easily attainable. If you feel we are not providing the service expected, we ask your report it to us instantly and we will be happy to take action.


Our promise to customers that use our IT services is that we will provide a no-jargon service and educate clients following our visit.


What Does Your Account Provide?

Becoming a member is a small step towards getting what you’re searching for. We are investing in the future to make technology accessible and by having an account you can start your progress towards the goals you have.


We will be releasing courses/products and workbooks that won’t just be useful for the duration of your account but the content and community we are building will last a lifetime. Upgrades are available to remove ads and provide exclusive discounts and downloads. We are arranging guest technology posts and expanding into other areas, you will gain access to all this as a member.


What Is An MSP?

When we began growing our business the one thing we would often be asked is to offer ongoing support. There are usually two ways to approach customers, this would be through a break-fix approach or Managed Services.


The term MSP stands for Managed Services Provider and is used when offering a fully managed service and support offering. Primarily we offer a maintenance package but for businesses, their focus is often on Support and monitoring only so we cater to what the customer needs.


Are We Focused On Technology?

Despite what the site shows our focus spreads beyond technology. Our passions are also with health and fitness, finance and helping others generate passive income. In the future.


We will be hosting podcasts and webinars and your account provides an exclusive invite to everything on offer.


Want to work for us?

We are constantly looking for guest writers, if you have something to say and you feel the world may benefit from it then get in touch and we will assist in making it happen.


Book an appointment via our scheduler or complete the form below and we will get in touch, thank you.


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We would love to hear from you regarding any IT, Cyber Security, WordPress Website Design or Complete Computer Support request you may have. Get the best out of Harrogate & Yorkshire IT Support.


Please note if you are a client and need to request IT Technical Support, contact us via the following:

Tel: 01423 423068

E-mail: [email protected]

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