How Do I Add A Signature In Outlook

How Do I Add A Signature In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook has become the most popular Mail client for offices across the globe, if you have found that your signature is missing or if you have never set it up to begin with then we can give you the steps you need to get setup.

As we have clients who ask how do I add a signature to Outlook, the steps are easier than you think.

Setup Outlook Signature

Please see the steps below:

First go to File from the top menu:

How do I add a signature to Outlook

Next go to Options:


From File Menu go to Mail from the left hand pane:

How do I add a signature to Outlook

Next select Signatures from the middle pane:

Select New:

Setup Outlook signature

Choose any name you like and select OK:

New Signature

Type a new signature in the bottom box and then select signature defaults on the right. You can select New Messages and Replies/Forwards, choose the signature you just created:

Reply to

Now select OK twice and your signature will now be set.

Anything else?

We are Outlook Experts, so If you have any issues setting up and would like help raise a Helpdesk Ticket. Alternatively Contact Us and we will get back to you. 


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