How To Claim Back Space After Windows Updates

How To Claim Back Space After Windows Updates

You Updated Your PC Recently And Now Your Computer Keeps Nagging You About Low Space, now Windows Updates taking up too much space?

If you find Windows Updates taking up too much space, then you may find a Windows updates has left behind files so that if for any reason you can go back to an older version. This may not be such a problem if you have a large amount of space but many computers such as the Microsoft Surface or many budget laptops can have a maximum of 256GB so it is a frequent issue to receive low space warnings.

How Do I Clear Old Windows Versions?

First press the start menu > Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup


Once loaded you are given lots of options, our example only shows 3.32 MB recoverable but that is because we recently cleared our usage. We need to focus on cleaning up System Files to do this select Clean-Up system files

Clean System Files


In the diagram below you will see it lists Previous Windows Installation(s) and this will free up 25.5 GB, now that is a nice amount to recover and once we select all the other used up resources it will free up a total of 26 GB.

Clean Previous Windows Versions


Once you click OK you will be asked to confirm your choice



Windows 10 does want to make sure that you do not make a mistake and will warn you that if you clean the previous installation you will no longer be able to restore the machine back to a previous version


Permanent Windows 10


The final step may take some time to complete so the best thing is to let it run and go make a cup of tea.


Cleaning Windows 10


If you encounter any difficulties with recovering space or if you are experiencing any difficulties. Complete our form below or call 03330 509625.


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