How to fix error 0xc00000e9

How to fix error 0xc00000e9

We recently had a customer bring in a computer with the error. We provide the steps on how to fix error 0xc00000e9. The code is not one that will come up frequently, but it can stop the computer working and prevent you from saving anything to disk.


What Does Error 0xc00000e9 Mean And How Can You Fix It?

Error 0xc00000e9 means that Windows is having issues reading from or writing to your hard drive. This is often an I/O fault. It can be caused by problems with the hard drive or cabling and we have known it to be caused by Windows itself. Please troubleshoot before assuming it can be caused by one reason or another.


How To Fix Error 0xc00000e9 In Windows

Shown below are things you can try yourself before coming to see us. Please note that what you try is at your own risk, we are happy to help you if you Contact us.


Reboot your computer

A full reboot is the first thing you always do with a Windows PC. Rebooting can often fix many issues leaving you safe to carry on your day.


Scratched Media / Damaged USB Drives

If you are trying to install something when the error occurs, try different installation media. Download the program or game again or acquire a different copy of the CD or DVD if you are going old school.


Check all cabling inside your PC (May Void Warranty)

Cables can have wear and tear, checking cabling could resolve issues resulting in saving a lot of money. If you are inexperienced I do not recommend opening your computer, however, if you are feeling confident about it then checking the cabling is seated correctly and not damaged could resolve your issues.


Update your drivers

You may be using Vendor provided drivers such as Dell, or you may just have the default Windows drivers that Microsoft installs during a Windows installation.


We recommend looking at your manufacturer’s website for updated drivers or if it is a custom build PC then accessing the websites for the manufacturer’s individual parts are recommended.


To run chkdsk type CMD into the Windows Search box. Right-click the menu item and select Open as administrator. Type chkdsk /f /r C: If it isn’t your C: drive giving the error, change C: to the drive letter in question.


Windows will then run a scan to check for errors and bad sectors. There are other commands instead of  or r such as:

/f option will attempt to fix any found errors

/r option will locate for bad sectors and recovery any readable information

/x option will force the volume you are about to check to be dismounted before the utility begins a scan


SFC, or System File Checker is an internal integrity checker within Windows 10. Within CMD window you used above, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

This will check Windows for damage or corruption and will automatically fix anything it finds.


Remove all peripherals

USB drives can draw a limited amount of power. If you use too many it can cause error 0xc00000e9 in Windows. If you do have to use peripherals, remove them and see if the error goes away. You can try reconnecting one at a time until the error returns, this can help you identify the culprit.

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