How to get productive with Microsoft Teams

How to get productive with Microsoft Teams

With more than half a million organisations, and 13 million people using it every day Microsoft Teams is already the biggest collaboration tool on the planet.

And for 2020, Microsoft has listened to feedback. It’s made Teams more intuitive and responsive than ever before.


There are more integrations and industry-specific features. Plus chat translation, so you can talk to colleagues in several languages.

You can now take part in multiple chats at the same time and share information across different chat groups.

And manage private channels, so only specific people have access to your updates.


It’s all been created to save you time and money. While sharing ideas and collaborating at the touch of a button.


We have created a video re-iterating how to get productive with Microsoft Teams, take a look below:


How to get productive with Microsoft Teams Video


YouTube video


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If you do not have Microsoft Teams then you can either get it stand-alone or as part of Office 365.

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