How to minimise connectivity issues for mobile workers

How to minimise connectivity issues for mobile workers

How to minimise connectivity issues for mobile workers

The most important device for a member of your team in the field can become their mobile phone. We go through some steps on how to minimise connectivity issues for mobile workers. All workers use mobiles on a day to day basis to stay in touch through work and for leisure. Retaining good connectivity for mobile workers can make the difference between landing a deal or missing out on a game changing proposal. We need to make sure we manage company devices and even your own personal devices, we share our tips on what you should do.

Controlling Devices

A feature businesses should definitely look into using is Mobile Device Management (MDM). This will allow you to stop your employees from using personal apps and locking access to untrusted networks. There are other benefits to this as well, should an employee lose the device you can remotely wipe the device removing the possibility of competitors or other individuals gaining access to critical data.

Consistent Security

IT departments need to create a strategic plan for the security of their business, simplify the rollout and don’t over complicate for your users. ?The steps you take need to offer the best security and as above restrict access to applications that you have no need to install.

Identify The Cause Of Connection Issues

Workers in the field are generally not the most technical, you don’t have to be a technical expert to operate a mobile phone but getting the basics right is very important. Some things to consider:

  • Are the mobile networks having issues? All networks have a status page, if you can access the Internet you can their sites to see if there are issues. If access to the Internet is not possible then accessing their telephone number from another line may be the answer.
  • Call the Office? It can be the most simple thing to think of, ask to borrow a phone or use a landline and call the office it may be that there is a technical issue that IT are aware of.
  • Remote diagnostics to check to see if the issue is related to your mobile network or if it is the phone causing the difficulty.

Performance Analysis

Workers in the field rely on their devices, with Calendars, managing their schedules and application usage having a capable device is very important. GPS usage over recent years has increased exponentially and with Map applications hooking into GPS data. Businesses need access to network and app usage reports, inventory analysis, tracking maps.

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