How To Speed Up Your Computer

How To Speed Up Your Computer

Have You Ever Asked Yourself How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

You bought a new computer and it felt blazing fast, but slowly that fresh speed and ease at going through apps is no longer so speedy.

Your files, folders are taking longer to open and programs are taking a lot longer to close. We have all been there with delayed startups or logins and in the past it used to be handy to start up your machine and then go make a cup of tea. Today’s urgency is all about things happening now than waiting so we show you ways to speed up your computer:

Why Does My Computer Slow Down?

If you download files or generally browsing the Internet using the computer it will build up cache and junk files.

Other things happen too such as hard drive fragmentation, filling up the hard drive and cluttering the desktop. It is worth noting it may also be your computer may not be slow it may be the Internet connection or difficulties with the router.

Clean Up Junk Files

Cleaning up junk files left behind on the computer can be essential to helping your computer perform better. Using a tool such as CCleaner can be advantageous in clearing up all the junk files, it can be used to clear up Junk files from browsers, the registry and other junk files left behind on the computer.

Keeping a tidy desktop by tidying up documents, programs or other items logging in can be faster as logging in with a cluttered desktop will only lengthen the process.


Defrag Your Harddrive

If you defrag your harddrive this will move blocks around on the disk, consolidating free space and making it quicker to access frequently used programs as they will be moved together on the drive. This is especially useful when you clear junk files as empty file locations will lengthen the time it takes to open content.

Visual Effects

Windows has a selection of effects to improve the look and feel of Windows 10, however, you can turn them off which will speed up Windows but it lessens the look and feels.

Remove Malware And Viruses

Most computers are vulnerable to Malware but just by being vigilant and running the right software we can at least do our best to protect ourselves. We recommend Anti-Malware programs such as Bitdefender or a Maintenance program such as CHTSI Serve

Fix Windows System Files

After installing Windows updates or adding/removing programs, rebooting your computer or sudden power loss issues. A number of other things can cause Windows files to become corrupt.

Corrupt files can cause difficulties with starting the system/shutting down or general use. Expect the user experience to be less smooth, sudden system halts or erratic behaviour.

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