Improve your iPhone privacy with a setting change

Improve your iPhone privacy with a setting change

The iPhone lock screen shows you all the notifications you’ve received but what if we wanted more privacy?

Improve your iPhone Privacy With A Setting Change

By default, an iPhone will show you a small preview of all the messages you’ve received and a preview of all the notifications from your applications, I am sure most of you will agree a little extra privacy would be nice. Improve your iPhone privacy with a setting change.


Message Notifications


Suppose your loved one sent you a very private message and your phone was on a table for the world to see? Having extra privacy can be really helpful and give you a little more security too. It is not just loved ones either, for example, we were in a meeting with a client and an important message came through on iMessage about the deal from our attorney and had we not enabled that feature it could have seriously derailed the meeting and cost us a lot of money and time.

You may now be thinking that you keep your iPhone close to you, but what about when you are in the shower? Our iPhones are not getting any smaller so sometimes it can be impractical to keep in your pocket.


iPhone X improves on the feature even more

With the iPhone X when the feature is enabled if a stranger sees your Notification screen they will simply see the application followed by a message saying ‘Notification’ but when you look at your phone with the use of FaceID the preview shows as though the feature was never enabled.

Notification Screen Hidden


How do I activate the option?

You’ve seen it in action and want to do it too? Well, it is simple and we will show you how, regardless if you want to hide your privacy from strangers or just a little privacy from work colleagues, family or friends we can help you.

To switch on the option go to:

  1. Settings:iPhone Settings
  2. Notifications:
    iPhone Notifications
  3. Messages:iPhone Messages
  4. Show Previews:iPhone Show Previews

You are given the option of:


When Unlocked


Selecting When Unlocked will give you the feature we have been talking about

There is also an option to change the default so all the applications can operate in the same way, in order to do this go to settings > Notifications > Show Previews

All Notification defaults

You can choose between: Always, When Unlocked or Never and selecting When Unlocked will hide the notification message until the iPhone is unlocked

Default Notification


Need help or want to know more?

We hope you now understand Improve your iPhone privacy with a setting change. If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together, complete our online form below or use our Support Portal.

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