Merry Christmas for 2018

Merry Christmas for 2018

Seasons greetings from Hamilton Technology, we wish you a merry Christmas for 2018 and a great New Year

The day has arrived, the family are around and the turkey is in the oven. Nothing beats the Christmas spirit with songs, the warmth of togetherness and the true meaning of Christmas. I hope you got everything you wanted for Christmas and are ready for 2019 ahead.

Technology needs

Often Christmas is a time when we get new tech and often are unsure how to set it up? Quite often we can simply follow instructions but if you are having trouble then give us a call on 01423 423068 (maybe not on Christmas Day). If you received a new smartphone this Christmas then we recommend you get a screen protector as soon as possible.

SmartPhone durability?

Smartphones are said to have the most durable screens to date, sadly although they are more resistant to cracks they are now very easy to scratch. Imagine spending upwards of 1000 and within days having a mark that is now permanently there until you buy your next phone. Screen protectors can be bought online such as for a reasonable price.


Should you get a Smartphone or a laptop or other electronic device for Christmas we recommend you check for software updates. Often devices are packaged and shipped to stores months before so they may be missing essential security or stability improvements when you receive them.

I remember the experience of buying an Xbox for Christmas and having to wait for the updates to complete, I hope that you or your parents had the foresight to update ahead of time but I understand this is not always possible.

Data migration

The new device this Christmas and not sure how to move the data? We offer complete migration from the old device to the new. Let us take away the headaches and give you more time to enjoy your new devices.

How do I use it?

Should you receive some Tech you have no idea how to use, we can assist. Our goal is to have enough knowledge on our site to cover queries that everyone may have but this will take time. Reach out and send an email to with the subject of what you have and we will make some knowledge articles for your equipment.

In 2019 we will be launching our courses and Video Demonstrations on how to use products, watch this space.

Need help or want to know more?

If you would like to learn more or would like to discuss working together, complete our online form below.

Alternatively, book an appointment via our scheduler or call 01423 423068.


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