Microsoft Windows 7 support has ended

Microsoft Windows 7 support has ended

When Did Windows 7 Support End?

Microsoft Windows 7 support has ended. On January 14, 2020, Microsoft pulled the plug, all things come to an end. Before Microsoft ends support we recommend you take action to avoid any problems in the future.


What does this mean to me?

If you are running a business or using a computer in your home then having supported software becomes very important. Now Windows 7 support has ended, Microsoft will no longer fix any bugs or any future security fixes.


This puts your identity and security at risk. Not only this but you will no longer be compliant and working with credit cards means you will be failing PCI Compliance.


Without security updates, you will be at risk. Potential hackers can take advantage of the lapse in security fixes and can take control of your system. Banking systems can stop allowing you to connect to your systems, this includes online payment services. Applications may stop allowing you to connect due to compatibility and support.


The software you use daily may be updated and suddenly no longer support the old Operating Systems. CHTSI will not be supporting Windows 7 after 14th January 2020, this is for your security and to protect our customers from infections unnecessary charges in the future.


What do we do?

Microsoft is no longer officially allowing you to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. You can either purchase a Windows 10 license or you can add a Microsoft 365 subscription which includes Office 365 and a digital license for Windows 10, available upgrading from Windows 7 or Windows 8.0 – 8.1.


Windows 10 is now stable so upgrading is no longer an issue, however, you do need to get used to the change of look which can be daunting for some. The same experience was not there upgrading from Windows XP / Vista to Windows 7.


If you do decide to stay with Windows 7, despite Windows 7 support ended. We recommend that you disconnect from the Internet. Using the Internet after the cut off date means you will be at risk of attack and if you are in a business this use could actually be illegal.


There are instances where companies stick with an operating system due to legacy apps no longer supported. If you are using such apps then we can create a Virtual Machine of Windows 7 and allow you to carry on using your app on top of Windows 10. A Virtual Machine can be used on a Linux box, Mac or a PC so you are not limited when it comes to upgrading.


Virtual Machines can be blocked from Internet access, so you can have a modern environment with Internet access. Within this, there can be a Virtual environment with the Network adapter switched off, just use your app in a sandboxed environment.


What do we recommend?

Well since Windows 7 support has ended, our first suggestion would be to replace the computer. A computer that shipped with Windows 7 most likely be 5-6 years old, a computer this old may be running slower than expected and a little outdated.


Older computers running a mechanical drive, will not be performing in an optimal way so rather than us spending time and money updating an old machine we should consider buying a new device. With a new device, you can get a newer faster machine for a much cheaper price than in the past.


Since Windows 7 support has ended, If you prefer not to replace the computer then at least consider adding an SSD and additional RAM if possible, doing so will speed up and spring life into old machines.

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