Pre-purchasing A Block of Hours Now Available

Pre-purchasing A Block of Hours Now Available

Our customers made a request so we have made it possible. Pre-purchasing a block of Hours now available

Peace of mind is often the focus of a business, why be bogged down by paperwork when what you really want is to carry on with your work? We found invoices can be a pain for both the customer and the supplier. Bringing the ability to buy a block of hours up front this headache is taken away.

[blockquote right=”pull-right” cite=”Elbert Hubbard – Author”]One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.[/blockquote]

What can they be used for?

Just about anything that is not parts or software related. Businesses often prefer to pay ahead of time, we give you the peace of mind to know that you won’t receive an unexpected invoice after we do some work.

Consultation work is a popular booking our clients hire us for and paying ahead of time is the most frequent request.

Are there any exclusions?

The only time that we ask you not to use the block of hours is when dealing with project work. We may not be able to provide an estimate to when the work would be completed.

What if the work is completed early?

We allow you to roll over hours to be used another time. Time used is split into half an hour increments, if the work only takes 5 minutes you will be charged a minimum of 30 minutes as we have to book out the time in our calendar.

Why should we purchase a block of time?

Purchasing a block of time will net you quite a large discount, if you want peace of mind or just have a project you are working on then this can be your solution.

What hours do we make available?

We found offering our hours in block increments with a large discount over our standard hourly rate made sense to us and our customers. If you do not find suitable hours available to you then complete the form below to discuss further options.

  • Pre-Buy Under 10

  • 2 Hour Block Of Support
  • 4 Hour Block Of Support
  • 6 Hour Block Of Support
  • 8 Hour Block Of Support
  • Pre-Buy Ten +

  • 10 Hour Block Of Support
  • 14 Hour Block Of Support
  • 18 Hour Block Of Support
  • 20 Hour Block Of Support
  • 24 Hour Block Of Support
  • 28 Hour Block Of Support
  • Pre-Buy 30 +

  • 30 Hour Block Of Support
  • 34 Hour Block Of Support
  • 38 Hour Block Of Support
  • 40 Hour Block Of Support

If you are looking at purchasing hours for a contract or wish to discuss further then get in touch via our form below.

Alternatively call 03330 509625