Recommended HR Management Software

Recommended HR Management Software

CHTSI brings you our recommended

HR Management Software

We have been searching for a while for the right HR Management software.

There is nothing worse than being unsure about the software you are using,

have you been frustrated by the software out there?

We have and that is why we are proud to partner with Evalu-8 to bring you the right cloud-based software


View a short video on managing employee evaluations:

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We have all your human resources needs covered…

Check out some of the features below to see how Evalu-8 will support you and your colleagues

Evalu-8 is an excellent cloud-based software that lets you deal with many aspects of HR Management.

Areas included such as  Human Resources, Time Management, User Performance, Training,

Salary Tracking & Compliance.

These are just a few areas that are covered. 

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You can get started for as little as £2.50 per user, no onboarding fees and all training is included

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