SecureTide Spam Filter

SecureTide Spam Filter – Rid Your Mailbox Of Spam And Gain Control, 

Enhance your inbox with a smart filter designed for you

SecureTide already blocks 99% of spam and viruses, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe. With Quarantine Alerts, SecureTide now analyses your email history and will automatically notify you if a message from or to a previous contact is quarantined for any reason which gives you total peace of mind that your spam filter isn’t keeping secrets from your inbox.

It’s time to raise expectations on what a spam filter should be able to do with SecureTide from AppRiver.


With SecureTide, there is no onsite hardware or software required. A simple MX record change is all it takes to get started. You’ll receive a daily Held Spam Report to see the spam you’re (not) missing. You can also find and restore any legitimate messages we might mistake for spam.

To make SecureTide even more effective, the service also allows you to adjust your settings to add or block other senders automatically.

Here’s the best part: You can try SecureTide free for 30 days. Once you see how effective SecureTide is, keep it for a low monthly fee.

No long-term obligation or cancellation fee, so you can stop the service any time you’d like.

Easy. Effective. Affordable. Try SecureTide today and experience email without spam.

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