CHTSI Cloud Network Drive

CHTSI Cloud Network Drive

From: £20.00 Inc Vat / month and a £5.00 sign-up fee

Please select the number of users you would like to add to the plan below

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Easily replace a NAS or old Server with CHTSI Cloud Network Drive

Hosted in Azure, CHTSI Cloud Network Drive is a scalable, secure and resilient network drive

that can be accessed anytime and anywhere for easy file sharing and storage

All for a fixed monthly price per drive, per month

With data replicated three times locally,

CHTSI Cloud Network Drive is a reliable, safe and secure place to store files

Unlimited users, multiple drives

You can scale as your business grows,

partition drives and combine storage when needed

Anywhere access

You can access files and folders anywhere at any time

Secure data replication

All data is replicated three times within the same UK

Azure datacentre to ensure data integrity

User-based permissions

Keep data secure by defining user permissions to grant

or revoke access at a drive level

Easy to upgrade

Experience seamless upgrade transitions from 100GB to 1TB

without losing access to data


With all the familiarities of an on-premise network drive, no training is required,

and you can start sharing files immediately

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100GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB

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