CHTSI Business Managed

CHTSI Business Managed

From: £125.00 Inc Vat / month

Maintenance | Online Backup | Security

Total peace of mind for your business

Please select the number of users you would like to add to the plan below

Direct Debit is preferred



Add-ons can be added with the CHTSI Subscription. From Patch Management to full Maintenance. Selecting the Per Year option saves 10% but must be selected with an Annual Subscription of CHTSI Serve.

Along with Managed Services, you can bundle your Office 365 Subscriptions.


CHTSI Business Managed includes a Security package that sets your mind at ease

With Cyber Security taking such an important position the protection is essential

The license is per user and includes protection for up to 6  computers

(additional device license(s) can be purchased at checkout)

Compatible with Linux / Mac / Windows

Business Managed includes the following

Check Hard-drive health and scan for errors

Check for Motherboard faults and hardware issues

Memory Checks and make sure it is functioning correctly

Third-party software updates

Manage Operating System Updates

Automatic ticket raising if issues are detected

Proactively looked after by our engineers, when you are at home resting we are checking on your machines

Remote Support, when you need us we can connect and assist

Unattended Remote Support, if we detect issues we can connect and make a quick fix often mitigating major issues

Automatically scan for hardware errors across all hardware in your machine

Auto-fix where possible, sometimes a simple driver update or major patch we can do seamlessly

Malware Protection and Virus security

Keeping software up to date and providing your staff with regular security awareness included in the price

Ransomware is becoming a major issue and we provide protection to prevent infection

Online Backup included in the price, unlimited storage per machine included in the price we protect your critical data

Full Disk Encryption, never has it been more important to protect your devices on the go

With full-disk encryption, your laptops and workstations can be protected from getting into the wrong hands

Pickup and drop off for faulty devices included within a 25-mile radius

We make sure that you can keep working and provide you with the best experience all with a monthly or annual payment


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CHTSI Business Managed

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