CHTSI Serve Ultimate

CHTSI Serve Ultimate

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Add-ons can be added with the CHTSI Subscription. From Patch Management to full Maintenance. Selecting the Per Year option saves 10% but must be selected with an Annual Subscription of CHTSI Serve.


CHTSI Serve Ultimate includes a Security package that sets your mind at ease, with Cyber Security taking such an important position your protection is our priority.  The license includes protection for 2 computers, additional licenses can be purchased.

Backup is essential so we provide 100GB as standard with add-ons available.

Our Ultimate plan was devised to include requested features such as Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and Pickup and drop off within a 25-mile radius.

CHTSI Serve Ultimate includes the following:

  • Check Hard-drive health and scan for errors
  • Check for Motherboard faults and hardware issues
  • Memory Checks and make sure it is functioning correctly
  • Third-party software updates
  • Manage Operating System Updates
  • Automatic ticket raising if issues are detected
  • Proactively looked after by our engineers, when you are at home resting we are checking on your machines
  • Remote Support, when you need us we can connect and assist
  • Unattended Remote Support, if we detect issues we can connect and make a quick fix often mitigating major issues
  • Automatically scan for hardware errors across all hardware in your machine
  • Auto-fix where possible, sometimes a simple driver update or major patch we can do seamlessly
  • Malware Protection and Virus security, keeping software up to date and providing your staff with regular security awareness included in the price. Ransomware is becoming a major issue and we provide protection to prevent infection
  • Online Backup included in the price, up to 100GB per machine included in the price we protect your critical data.
  • Full Disk Encryption, never has it been more important to protect your devices on the go. With full-disk encryption, your laptops and workstations can be protected from getting into the wrong hands
  • Pickup and drop off for faulty devices included within a 25-mile radius

We make sure that you can keep working and provide you with the best experience all with one annual payment.

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CHTSI Serve Ultimate

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