Should I let a friend fix my PC - Don't hire a Pizza Tech

Should I let a friend fix my PC - Don't hire a Pizza Tech

A pizza tech is someone without the right skill to carry out the work, so should you hire a pizza Tech?

Should I let a friend fix my PC?

Amateurs And Business Don’t Mix, we all have relatives that help out with tech or we see a really cheap opportunity on an advert. I am often asked should I let a friend fix my PC.


Even employees who know all about setting up printers or working their way around the applications but does that make them an expert worthy of touching your business applications? Someone knowing a little about technology but mistaking a hobby for expertise can be deadly to a business.


A Hobby Is Not A Skill

It is true that hobbies can develop into a skill but if they never took the opportunity to convert that into expertise then they should stay away from businesses. Remember on a home computer if something goes wrong it is no big deal, a data loss would be frustrating but it wouldn’t cause great financial hardship and that is why we are answering should I let a friend fix my PC.


Businesses value time and money, if parts are required then a business will need fast turn around and waiting days or weeks can become unacceptable and could potentially cause a financial detriment that could leave the Pizza Tech to being sued or worse a criminal intervention.


If Disaster Strikes Can The Pizza Tech Cope?

How would a Pizza Tech cope if the worst should happen, be it a fire, flood or theft would they know who to turn to and how to recover quickly with minimal impact on the business? Making the wrong move during a tense moment could lead to costing businesses more money. The difficulties of recovering from incorrect decisions can ruin reputations and the financial bottom line. We work with you to map out an exact plan should a disaster occur. we have no interest in rushing to a decision.


We take out the guesswork, our goals are to establish what systems you have in place and what is required to keep you working or completely minimise downtime.

IT Businesses Help You Stay Compliant

The Government often sets out strict regulations, an IT business will help you stay within regulation but a Pizza Tech will most likely only be able to help you with small IT issues. There is no guarantee they will be compliant. Failing to stay within regulation can result in hefty fines. We and other IT businesses keep up with current regulations to make sure you can go about your business with as little disruption as possible.


Our Maintenance software performs regular patches and updates for Windows and third-party software updates. Generally, we always advise Windows Updates are performed early in the morning or late in the evening when staff are not in the office. Would a Pizza Tech be willing to help your business out of hours?


What Is A Pizza Tech?

By now I am sure you are getting to grips on what a Pizza Tech is if you are still not sure a Pizza Tech is a hobbyist Computer enthusiast that wants to make a little more money. They often lack the necessary skills to meet your IT needs but often this will not be clear until it is too late.


Experience always beats out the education, we make this statement as often IT university students are told by friends or relatives that they should start a business but remember that doesn’t mean they will be experienced enough to be able to resolve issues.


Googling Does Not Mean Pizza Tech

There is the occasional client that will ask “Do you know what you’re doing”, the only reason they ask this question is that they see you Google a question. Although a great skill, it would be impossible for us to retain all the information for every fix in the world. The differentiating factor between a skilled IT technician and a Pizza Tech is how long it takes to find the answers or understand the search results.


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