Simple security steps to protect your business

Simple security steps to protect your business

Cyber Security can be a headache to manage and the problem is getting worse, on the one hand, you need to keep your data and devices safe, on the other hand setting up complex passwords can be time-consuming or annoying for you or your staff. 


People and their passwords are the weakest links in any organisation and the problem is getting worse. There are lots of ways to steal someone’s passwords and one successful hack can bring your entire operation crashing to the ground.


So what can you do? Often the most effective approach is the simplest, Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA) is simple to use while providing a deterrent to Cyber Criminals. There are other security steps to protect your business and we included a few in our Guide.


You will know it already from when you log in to online banking, you either give random characters from a secondary password or enter a code from a notification on your mobile phone. You may even use a special USB device to authenticate you, there are lots of ways to do it but understand it is a simple way to add a layer of extra security, making it less likely you will be hacked.


Take a look at our video on the security steps to protect your business

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Still unsure if your security is up to scratch? We wrote a guide titled The 9 Cyber Threats You Should Know About. With GDPR, remaining secure has never been more important.


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