Suspect your Password is compromised?

Suspect your Password is compromised?

Your password is compromised?

Recently there have been breaches resulting in passwords being leaked on the Internet, we ask does someone have my password?


Hearing about breaches are becoming a consistent thing that we suddenly hear about after the fact. Facebook was recently affected and many other companies. Have you considered if you are safe? Unfortunately, all too frequently people use the same password for every website. Safety when it comes to passwords still has a long way to go until people realise the seriousness.


Why Should I Care If One Website Was Breached?

One website breached with a unique password wouldn’t be a big deal, but do you think you really used a unique password? Maybe you did but chances are there are other websites that used the same password. Consider you had a password set on Facebook and then the same one for your bank suddenly it becomes a big deal.


Not just that some websites carry personal data and if enough data is breached or even passwords to make data accessible your whole identity could be stolen.


My Password Is Compromised & My Data Has Been Breached?

It is difficult to understand what data may have been stolen, you can use our Email Check Tool which means that you can type your email address and it will tell you if you have been breached, please understand this isn’t a 100% answer as this may just be the information available at this time.

Criminals, unfortunately, sell data on in the hopes it has its use.


Compromised Email

If you are all clear the site will literally state no breached records found for the email address and this is what we want to hear.

No Breaches Found

Find Out For Yourself If Your Password Is Compromised

Simply enter your email address to see if your password is compromised by any of the known websites and databases out on the web:

Input an email address below to check if its been compromised.



I Am A Victim What Do I Do Now?

There is no need to panic if this does come up. First, we need to establish which site was breached, we do list a few potential sites but you need to start with the sites you visit. I recommend changing all your passwords if you did come up in the list. My advice is to use a Password Manager. If you are on a Mac then Safari can make suggestions for you and store them in a secure keychain, however, please do not consider this the only option to use.


My advice is to get a notepad and write down all the websites you access and go through them one by one. Secure each account with a complex password and NEVER use the same password for multiple sites.

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