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  • How SharePoint Makes Remote Working Easier
    Carl Hamilton
    How SharePoint makes remote working easier Working remotely as a team is really important right now, with many of us sat in different places. SharePoint is a great tool to help you do that. It works with Microsoft 365 to connect your team and allow them to create, safely store and share
  • 5 difficult questions to ask an IT Support company Guide
    Carl Hamilton
    Not happy with how your current IT Support is handling the pandemic? Looking for something new? We have added a new Guide with the 5 difficult questions you should ask an IT Support Company.  Don’t be left in the dark thinking what to ask when shopping around. Download now, so
  • How to password protect a file
    Carl Hamilton
    Clients often ask “how do I securely send this document?” we provide an answer on how to password protect a file.   If you work for an organisation that blocks Email when you are sending content that can be seen as containing sensitive data such as bank details or personal
  • What Benefits Will A Firewall Offer
    Carl Hamilton
    All businesses need to establish a secure environment, there are a lot of tools to help achieve this through both software and hardware. We at CHTSI feel that it does require a solid understanding of how Cyber Security works, however, we are here to help you learn.   There are
  • How to get productive with Microsoft Teams
    Carl Hamilton
    With more than half a million organisations, and 13 million people using it every day Microsoft Teams is already the biggest collaboration tool on the planet. And for 2020, Microsoft has listened to feedback. It’s made Teams more intuitive and responsive than ever before.   There are more integrations and industry-specific
  • The 5 Main Risks To Your Business
    Carl Hamilton
    Why you should care about the 5 main risks to your business We have added a new Guide, as we cover a Case Study of a business duped out of nearly £70,000. Also exploring GDPR and how Data Protection has changed. Let us help you delve into the 5 main

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