The benefits of using a Password Manager in 2020

The benefits of using a Password Manager in 2020

Benefits of using a Password Manager

You know that using strong passwords is crucial when you’re protecting sensitive data in your business. But really good passwords are impossible to remember – especially when you’re using several every day. A Password Manager could be your new best friend.


This essential tool can generate secure, random passwords for you. It then stores them, safely encrypted so they can’t be discovered.  And it will let you log in easily across multiple devices. That’s your computer, phone and tablet.


This all helps to add another level of security. And safeguard your business from cyber threats and data breaches. There are loads of different password managers around and there are a lot of benefits of using a Password Manager. You need to pick the one that best fits with the way you work.


If you give one to your staff, make sure it allows you to take immediate control of their accounts in the event they leave the business. If you’re not sure which password manager is right for your business, talk to our friendly team. They’re experts at helping businesses achieve more in less time.


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