Tickets, Tickets & More Tickets

Tickets, Tickets & More Tickets

We have a strict policy at CHTSI, if there is no ticket it didn’t happen. If we ever get asked by a customer about work carried out then having this documented goes without saying. This can aid you in recollecting the diagnostics but it can also be used at a later date should the issue happen again.

Why work this way?

Back in the day we would get a call and go help out someone with their IT issues, there was no ticketing systems and it was all just about completing a job and sending an invoice to be paid. Now in a modern world with Managed Services (MSP) it is important to document every request and make sure we assign Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) where necessary to judge ticket priority.

If you look up the statistics on tickets you will be able to identify repeat issues and if there are any training requirements for staff both in your own business and potentially clients.

How do we prioritise?

We consider all our customers important, but if a ticket is raised due to a server being down resulting in a loss of service then we have to give that ticket the ultimate priority. Our Managed Services customers are provided with an SLA based on their requirements.

A break-fix customer will need to either upgrade to tiered plan or wait for an engineer to be able to attend

No stone unturned

It is important to CHTSI that we attempt to fix all tickets as quick as possible, our first time fix rate is currently set at 94% and we are working on raising this all the time.

We are building up a Knowledge Base to lower customer queries and also prevent small tickets from being raised that can easily be fixed by themselves. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer services and delivering the right results every day.

Need to raise a ticket or looking for new IT Support?

The best way to raise a ticket would be to Log A Ticket online, email [email protected] or complete the online form below.



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