Unable to seek in Windows

Unable to seek in Windows

Unable to seek in Windows Media Player. Unable to use the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player following KB4462919 Update.

We have received calls from clients unable to seek in Windows Media Player. They are having difficulty using the seek bar (fast forward) since a Windows update took place. We discovered that a workaround was initially to remove KB4462919.


This will roll back Windows Update to the previous point.

Microsoft has now solved the seek issue

Good news that the issue has now been resolved with KB4471324

If the update is not installing for you then it may be that your Windows Update is managed by your Organisation and they need to roll out KB4471324 contact us if you are still having issues.


Am I Safe with Windows Updates?

We have clients that ask this question, it is important to keep on top of Windows Updates. It is important though to be cautious of any issues before just installing the latest releases.


CHTSI will keep you informed

Our promise is to make every effort to keep our customers informed, when we hear about Windows Updates having issues we will post news articles.

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