We provide proactive MSSP Services to businesses across the UK

We provide proactive MSSP Services to businesses across the UK

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Customers often want the simple approach, as well as Managed Services Harrogate we provide proactive MSSP Services to businesses across the UK. CHTSI operates a cloud based Managed Services business to allow us to monitor and proactively fix issues, wherever our technicians are we can assist you.

A Few Features Of Our Support Plans

  • Anti-Virus And Monitoring – Our Managed Anti-virus is designed to always protect and prevent issues. We proactively make sure your devices are kept up to date and strive to automatically fix issues.
  • Maintenance To Suit You – Our Maintenance is available weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
    We provide regular scans of your hard drive to check for integrity and provide ongoing tuneups. Give life back to your computer and let you go about your day.
  • Malware & Ransomware Protection – Our endpoint protection?provides protection for businesses or in-home users. We proactively maintain and check your computers without causing slowdown which many other commercial products can cause.
  • Software & Windows Updates – Windows Updates can often be a pain to users often wanting to update right before an important meeting, or just as you are about to leave the office.If something does go wrong you can be without use for hours, days or even longer. Consider the cost of staff sat around doing nothing? If you think about how much your business would be earning during this time and the impact of no access to your devices it can be scary.
    You don’t have to fear as our support plan provides ongoing updates and we regularly check to make sure the updates are ready for public use and we include full optimisation of your system.

A few of our key services


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