A big welcome Liam Mcgroarty to our team

A big welcome Liam Mcgroarty to our team

Welcome to the team Liam Mcgroarty

Since joining the team at the beginning of June

Liam has brought his passion for technology and looking to drive business

We are thrilled to have Liam onboard and I am sure our customers will be too

Who is Liam?

Liam first approached us with a support issue, a non booting computer

Once this was resolved, we could tell Liam had a passion for technology and business

Liam is only 16 but has demonstrated a will for business and to learn beyond his years

With a passion for photography and a desire to help people, bringing Liam into the

Hamilton Technology family is a no brainer

Liam Mcgroarty

Liam Mcgroarty

Web Content Strategist

Interested in Photography?

If you have any need for a photographer, 

check out Liam’s personal photography website

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