What are our plans for next year?

What are our plans for next year?

2018 has been an amazing year

The beginning of the year looked uncertain but 2018 has brought many changes and brings our future plans much closer. Our long term goals are to provide the best resources for all things tech.

We don’t want to just be an MSP. We are also building on our expertise to bring you courses, knowledge articles and education. Technology should not be a scary prospect and our vision is to provide you with that you need and if you are still struggling you can then reach out to us.

What will 2019 bring?

Over the past year we have grown to over 300 endpoints and as our Maintenance service grows from strength to strength. We believe long term contracts are the best option for you. Break-fix has its place but if you consider the time lost while your systems are down and the expense of doing so. Staff will be sat around doing nothing but you will still be paying for their services.

2019 will be when our business will be focusing on Managed Services, we won’t turn you away if you need help. I do want you to understand the importance of protecting your business.

It’s all about being proactive

When potential clients asked us why should they hire us our answer is always to offer a service which prides itself on the ability to be proactive. The potential loss of income from unexpected downtime could be be incredibly limiting to your business or potentially causing a complete shutdown.

HTSI provides a Managed Service plan for small businesses, residential clients and students both saving time and money in the event of a sudden issue.

Education classes

Over the next year we will be arranging education classes on an evening. If you feel you would benefit I would recommend dropping us an e-mail to [email protected]


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