Why A Business Should Never Use A Free Email Service

Why A Business Should Never Use A Free Email Service

We explore why a business should never use a free email service

A free email service can be convenient when you first get started, but what you need to consider is the impression it may give to potential customers. There is also the fact you have to consider the permanence factor. Should you choose a free email address and your potential client(s) or existing customers start using the email address you can be stuck with it! The best thing to do is to have the right one from the outset.services”]

A few more reasons to avoid free email services

Business Image

A free email service such as AOL, Yahoo or gmail may seem convenient but who impressed will your customer be to see something such as pauls[email protected]? Perception goes a long way so providing a professional view from the outset can help shape your company. Could you imagine if your bank used a free email service? Do you think we would trust sending private information to them?

You have to also consider branding on adverts, business cards or posters. If you have a free email address and this is imprinted on business material it can stick and be extremely difficult to change without rendering that material worthless. As businesses grow the image can become more important and also a free email service can impact the potential for growth.

Clear Message

Businesses with a free email service could easily be considered a new business or something done as a hobby. We often build up views about companies whether they are real or not. Using a free email service will make it difficult for businesses to build a marketing momentum and as the message is hobbyist it can be difficult to grow. We know this may not be true at all but it is the perception that people will have.

Experience can be frozen

Using a free email service can essentially freeze your image as you start, if you attempt to move away from the free services it can erase your presence on the web or requiring you to re-create listings or marketing material.


Consider you have a business name and your business is clear. You have an email such as [email protected] not only does this give an unprofessional image, it is also extremely forgettable as it has nothing to do with your business. You want your business to have your own branding to ensure they will remember your email address.

Giving the customer a chance to forget your email address can lead to typos and undeliverable, unfortunately you wouldn’t know if it failed but your potential customer would. Once you lose the chance of customer contact it can be hard to regain the same chance.

Not a permanent solution

Free email services can disappear. Thirteen years ago I subscribed to a brilliant email service, it was free it offered full encryption you could send HUGE email files. I loved it at the time but sadly one day I went to login and was given a notice to say they had to shut down.

Not only that but free email services are often hacked or be targets for Malware and other attacks, free email provider Yahoo! was hacked and over 1 billion accounts were compromised.

With your own email domain you can be in control of your email, with services such as Hosted Exchange or Office 365 you can have a professional email setup at a very reasonable price. Your business will be able to grow and you can move to business grade emails at will, you can control user accounts and easily add new addresses to your existing domain.

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