Why you should switch to Office 365

Why you should switch to Office 365

Hamilton Technology provides key reasons why you should switch to Office 365


Office 365 is a productive set of tools that businesses should not be without. Office 365 is more than just a set of business programs, Office 365 can help make you more productive and reduce costs down the line.

Microsoft has brought together the Office suite we all know and incorporated Windows 10 and Enterprise security. We at Hamilton Technology understand the importance of having business software we can trust. We provide a few reasons why we believe it is the right product to use and we give you reasons why you should switch to Office 365.


With built-in security and compliance tools, your cloud storage is safe behind data-centres which are constantly kept up to date with the state of the art security protocols. You now get 1TB of Onedrive storage so your data can be accessed wherever you need it.

Avoid Downtime

Your data is stored in the cloud and backed up frequently to avoid loss. Microsoft provides updates with service levels and we cannot remember the last time we had a service interrupting outage? It is possible to have an outage and if so it would be out of our control. However, this should not hold you back from switching from free E-mail services or on-premise in a cloud-first future.


Back when I was working with the government a frequent call would be due to a mailbox no longer receiving E-mail or able to send for that matter. Well, the main cause was users hitting their storage limits and not performing regular maintenance. Office 365 users do not have to worry about this now and continue working regardless of the size (we do recommend regular cleanups).


Office 365 is flexible in that the plans can be built around your requirements, suddenly had a growth spurt? No problem Office 365 plans can be changed on the fly and it really is a simple process to have the licenses available you need.

Time Management

Office 365 has enough applications in the suite to make everything seamless for your work life. Contacts can be updated from any device, your calendar invites can be picked up and accepted no matter what device and with 1TB cloud storage you can access your files anywhere including mobile.


As mentioned in the last section, users can take their files anywhere. Your team can access files securely from home, when in a meeting off-site or even when travelling in another country. All your employee needs is a connection to the internet and a device that can access the files.

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