Windows 7 end of life - Protect your computers

Windows 7 end of life - Protect your computers

Windows 7 end of life the big date has now passed, Windows Server 2008 and a few other older Microsoft applications have reached the end of life. January 14th 2020 is was the big date Microsoft has gave.

Windows 7 end of life – What does this mean?

The 14th January did not mean that suddenly Windows 7 will stop working, what it does mean is that there will be no more free updates. This has a legal implication due to the introduction of GDPR, with there being a legal requirement to keep customer data safe it is not worth the risk of staying on Windows 7.


Should you decide to stick with the old software, over time you may see a decline in performance and if there is a breach customer data could be at risk but also with GDPR you will need to report such breaches and there will likely be a financial loss as a result.

What can we do about this?

Don’t worry if you haven’t already made the change, the 14th January is just the deadline for updates but you do need to start making the switch, unfortunately, it is not just about upgrading.


Windows 10 is the upgrade that Microsoft wants us to upgrade to but that is also the wise choice. Depending on how old your current hardware is upgrading might not be the best option but a complete hardware replacement may be required.

Where can I find out more?

We produced a FREE Guide called The 2020 Problem – Why Licensing Has A Big Impact. Download it now and learn all about the big changes coming and what you can do to prepare.

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