Your employees are your biggest cyber threat

Your employees are your biggest cyber threat

Cyber Threats are on the rise

There’s a lot you can do with software to protect your business from cyber-crime.

But the single biggest threat to the business is actually your team.

Not for any malicious reason.

But because it only takes one person to accidentally click on one dodgy link,

and you can let hackers in, a cyber threat is often a click away.

Our latest video tells you what you can do to help your team be more aware of cyber-crime.

See our Cyber Security Awareness Video

YouTube video

Buy Cyber Security Awareness Training from CHTSI

We do a GAP analysis on enrolment to generate employee risk profiles

We start building a risk profile of each user through a short online assessment. Once completed, we will craft a personalised training program for each user that addresses their weakest areas first.

Security awareness training gap analysis report

›  Initial 10-15 minute assessment ›  Evaluates core cyber competencies 

›  Calculates users’ weakest areas ›  Baselines each user’s training program

Video & Interactive Training – Engage users with video and interactive training content

Using your users’ Gap Analysis results, CHTSI will enrol users onto individually-tailored training programs that strengthen weakest areas first, delivered through bite-sized courses.

CHTSI Security awareness training

›  User-Tailored Programs › Prioritise Weakest Areas

›  Bite-Sized Courses ›  Automated Admin & Reporting

Build custom training courses with our intuitive LMS

Many security awareness training solutions limit you to a generic library of courses targeting a mass-demographic.

CHTSI connects you with an in-software learning management system (LMS) enables you to create and deliver training courses that are uniquely tailored to your business.

Custom security awareness training

› In-Software LMS › Build Custom uLearn Courses 

› Intuitive ‘Drag-and-Drop’ UI › Track User Performance



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